9, December 2018

Top Family Cars

Beginning with the incredible drive home from the hospital, your car has a huge role in your family’s life. We talked with parenting websites to help you find a car as safe and secure as you deserve. Ride on! Volkswagen Atlas  The Volkswagen Atlas offers plenty of legroom in the third row and is simple to maneuver. PuttingRead More …

18, November 2018

Top Cars for Senior Citizens

As we get older, vision issues, slower physical reaction times, slower mental reaction times, and reduced mobility makes driving less safe. The smart safety features now presented on many cars aid to resolve these problems. An adjustable steering wheel, adjustable brakes and gas, and heated seats help those with mobility problems and loss of heightRead More …

14, October 2018

Best Cars for Snow & Ice

Any car can work on dry streets, but only certain vehicles can keep on going when the snow begins falling. all-wheel or four-wheel drive is imperative, and that used to really limit choices for buyers living in cold climates. Today, though, there are a huge variety of cars available that can handle winter driving withRead More …

23, September 2018

Top Tailgating Vehicles

It’s fall, so folks across the country are enthusiastically immersing themselves in the nation’s favorite sport: tailgating. If you haven’t had the pleasure, tailgating means family and friends, drinking and eating from the back of a parked vehicle before or after a game. You’ll typically find tailgate parties in the parking lot of a footballRead More …

21, August 2018

Top Road Trip Vehicles

Besides the way the toilet paper should be dispensed from the roll, few life decisions are more personal than one’s selection of road tripping vehicle. To keep it real, we’re not talking about a little two-hour jaunt to the beach. This list is about the vehicles you’d want to go the distance in, including cross-country. From theRead More …