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12, October 2019

Tips on Budget-Friendly Ways to Accessorize Your Car

Whether remodeling a car for your own satisfaction, or renovating for resale, there are various ways to add some value to your set of wheels. It can be hard to figure out which car accessories will make good investments and which won’t. With so many things to take into consideration, these tips will help youRead More …

19, July 2019

Hand-Washing vs. Automated Washing: Which is Better?

When you want to take care of your car, enhancing its appearance, extending its life, maintaining its resale value, it must be washed regularly. Should you wash a car yourself or to use a drive-through car wash? Take a look at the differences. The Pros and Cons of Hand Washing PRO: Higher touch. There’s just noRead More …

3, January 2018

Are Hybrid “Green” Cars Worth It?

Just as thousands of consumers are coming back to the car market, gas is at an all-time low when regulated for inflation. Gas at under $3 per gallon is bringing more drivers into purchasing a vast selection of new vehicles. Truck sales increased over ten percent this years and show no signs of diminishing. However,Read More …

27, October 2017

The Truth About Car Wraps

Are car wraps bad? Not at all! A wrap essentially safeguards your car’s paint. When a wrap is put on a car, the car’s surface is completely cleaned to eliminate any debris. Then the vinyl wrap is cautiously put on the car, placing a protective vinyl barrier between your car’s paint and the elements. WrapsRead More …

2, March 2017

Best Cars for New Parents

Purchasing a new car for the family is a very complex process. To make things a little simpler, there is some information below about the best cars for new parents. Car shopping can be overpowering for anybody. There are numerous vehicles to pick from with numerous choices with every model. Deciding whether to go withRead More …

23, January 2017

A Woman Driving Alone: How to Stay Safe

When you’re a woman driving alone, car accidents are far from the only risk you can have happen to you. Abductions, carjacking, and falling prey to a person impersonating a law enforcement officer all are additional hazards for women who are typically targeted by sexual predators. Most crimes against women driving alone happen when theyRead More …